'Shiv Kashi' Plot No 20, Vivekanand Society, Tilak Nagar, Aurangabad (MS) 431005, India.
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'Shiv Kashi' Plot No 20, Vivekanand Society, Tilak Nagar, Aurangabad (MS) 431005, India.
Indotech organics
Indotech organics
Indotech organics
About Us

Indotech Speciality Private Limited manufactures specialty chemicals to serve wide spectrum of industries like fertilizer, rubber, paper, sugar, distillery, automobile, engineering, chemical and agro-processing industries. It commands very high reputation among all stakeholders including customers & suppliers. Our strong Research & Development approach complemented with knowledge base, transparent ethical business philosophy, fair business practices have a great contribution to our continuous business growth.

We are a “problem solving” solution

Indotech Speciality Private Limited is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.| Indotech Speciality Private Limited - Providing Innovative Solutions.

Indotech Speciality Private Limited has researched, developed, manufactured and marketed several industrial products to meet the unique needs of a specific market or as a “problem solving” solution for our customers.

Our Strengths

"To develop sustainable business practices in our products & services both profitable & responsibly by optimally utilizing the natural resources and conserving them to benefit future generations through sustainable growth."


To provide viable solutions for our customer's problems through sound scientific research, precise and efficient manufacturing and a strong commitment to offer support & service in timely and cost-effective manner.

Core Values

Integrity cannot be bought or sold, it must be earned. We will not compromise on it for short term gain or advantage. We will stand tall in front of our associates and customers and never look the other way. Mishaps & problems will not alter our course; we will look at them as an opportunity for growth as individuals & as a company.


Sustainable business is built on trust. It is our policy to provide most cost effective solutions to all our customers. We ensure maximum returns to our customers when they invest in our product.

  • Increase the profitability of our customer by reducing input cost through our cost effective quality products and making processes simpler.
  • Share the extra profit so earned through our products and services on equitable basis.
  • Customer should always win and earn more in all dealings with us.
  • Sustainable Development

    Mother earth is fragile and must be handled gently, so we must be good stewards of our environment. Earth's resources are finite, and we will give back through recycling & green technology whenever and wherever possible. We believe it to be less expensive to develop safe chemistry today rather than clean up bad chemistry tomorrow.

    Sustainable development is necessary for the maintenance of the environment. The purpose of development work is people’s welfare. The target of development work is never achieved effectively if the adverse effects are ignored. Sustainable development brings about changes in people's knowledge, attitude, and skill. It aware the people of the responsibility to use and preserve, natural resources like mine, forest, land, herb, etc. It creates the feeling that natural resources are the common property of all and nobody can use the property according to his personal will. It helps to conserve natural and social environment.